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We are a team

We are diverse; we have different perspectives. Different expertise and backgrounds. We believe in the power of synergy. That means we are more likely to address your needs and help you meet the expectations of your client's better than anyone else. Our staff strength comprises of 44 personnel in the Accra office, 22 in the Kumasi office and 103 regional representatives, 308 professionally trained sales personnel and 8 permanent craftsmen specialized in experiential fabrications.

What we do


As a company we are proud to be called to serve and are excited to be of service. We believe in service to our people, clients and community and this is how we do it.

  • Marketing Campaigns


    From undertaking market research to insight generation and ideation, we design highly targeted marketing campaigns that meet your specific needs marketing campaigns

  • Demand Creation


    In entering a new market or marketing a new product, demand creation is a key tactic to meet set targets. This we employ in diverse ways to win market share for our clients

  • Merchandising


    Merchandising provides a tangible way for consumers and customers to experience your brand. We provide varied merchandising materials to serve this purpose

  • CSR


    We are champions of when it comes to helping you manage your Corporate Social Responsibilities./p>


Our Projects


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